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 auxiliary.ox Auxiliary functions for error handling, debugging, string formatting, etc.
 basemodel.ox Provides the LiRE_BaseModel class that contains basic model functionality.
 distribution.ox Provides the Distribution class, representing an abstract probability distribution
 equation.ox Provides the LiRE_Equation class
 lire.ox Main LiRE class
 matrix.ox General matrix functions
 model.ox Provides the LiRE_Model class
 solution.ox Provides the class LiRE_Solution
 solveerror.ox Provides the LiRE_SolveError class, which represents information about an error that occurred while solving a model.
 solver.ox Provides base class LiRE_Solver that serves as a basis for LiRE solvers
 solver_backdated.ox Code for solving LiRE models with backdated expectations.
 solver_canonical.ox Code for solving canonical form models.
 solver_contemp.ox Solver for models with contemporaneously dated expectations.
 solver_generic.ox Generic solver
 solver_sims.ox Solver implementing the Sims/Lubik and Schorfheide method.
 stddist.ox Provides standard distributions